What is it like to be surveillance professional?

In general, there are two kinds of surveillance professional – the technician and the operator. As vital as the system itself, these professions carry responsibilities that often drop out our imagination since there are so many details that they need to consider and bear in mind, to ensure that our surveillance are never compromised.

Either representing a large firm or independent operator, these surveillance technicians or experts are the first whom we will approach while needing an installation consultation. Ideally licensed and qualified, surveillance technicians care for customers’ needs; they are efficient in providing practical solutions after a brief discussion with clients; and hence draft out a project flow chart which fits best into your expectation.

There are several components making up of this project flow chart. First of all, the technician will make a personal visit to the site, to reassure the number of cameras to be installed, the location in which they will be placed, and also the kind of wiring and electrical support that the whole system will need. The technician will also provide appropriate advice if any additional composite (i.e. ID card swap, pin hold cameras, environment monitor, additional lightings etc.) is to be added to the system. Next, the technician will complete the paperwork by issuing a quotation for the entire service; so that clients can confirm his/her order. Installation will begin after the administrative procedures are completed.

After the installation, testing of each system component will take place. This is to ensure that cameras are projected and focused at the right angles, lightings are sufficient to support the capturing of clear images, and footages are recorded and saved in an adequate manner. An experienced technician will advise his client to be present during testing, so that they can be familiarized with the systems and the best way to operate it. A good technician is also responsive and quick in reacting to all kinds of emergencies ranging from electricity failure to cameras malfunctions etc. They also never hesitate to recommend you the best upgrading options available and remind you for regular maintenance.

On the other hand, CCTV operator will be the details oriented ones who are not tired by the repetitiveness of the job such as constant watching of monitors, keeping a sharp eye on footages capturing targeted areas. These personnel are agile to spot any irregular events or not day-to-day incidences such as strangers entering regulated premises, accidents, traffic jams, vandalism, or even crimes taking place.

Moreover, CCTV operators are also vigilant at all time, so as to contact relevant authorities when any irregularities are detected, report to installing companies when cameras or any of part of the system is malfunction. They take the initiative warrant the storage and retrieval of all footages by labeling them and saving them correctly. Hence, they have competent technical skills, to be able to maneuver the cameras and systems so that footages are better captured and able to provide a copy for relevant authorities when emergencies take place and investigation is required.

CCTV operators are highly skilled when it comes to the understanding of human movements, gestures, body languages, and expressions, so that any irregularities can be detected immediately. They are also able to stay calm despite viewing or reviewing shocking footages so that relevant authorities will be contacted at the right time, without alarming individuals committing the events. Also able to keep secrets and will not discuss details with others, not even with colleagues.

It takes so much to be part of the surveillance professional, therefore, do not forget to show your appreciation, next time when you engaged them in keeping an eye on your properties.

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