Business CCTV systems – Penrith

Protecting your business is about being aware of the risks – and protecting yourself

Business CCTV systems are there to provide peace of mind to business owners, whatever size. There are risks from within your business, such as workplace theft or EH&S issues, that you can protect yourself from with a well-fitted CCTV system from Penrith Security. There are also the obvious risks surrounding your business environment, from fraud to criminal burglary. CCTV cameras at each entry point and across the premises provides protection for you, your assets and your employees.

You can use the monitor in your office if you’re at work, or use the remote viewing live feed if you’re travelling with business – so you can always keep an eye on things if you have concerns.

Easy to use – wherever you are

We will fit you with a fully digital, high definition system from Hikvision. There is no maintenance and physical tape management that comes alongside. Today’s CCTV systems are all high-definition, digital recordings that can be accessed via your phone or laptop, wherever you happen to be.

All our CCTV cameras are infra-red, meaning they can see in the dark – essential when we are talking about outside perimeter security or issues during the night inside the building.

Whether you’re concerned about a threat from outside the business or within, our CCTV systems can protect your assets.

Our professional fitters will install the right system for you

We can provide a range of packages but most businesses choose a CCTV system with either 4 or 8 cameras. All come with monitor and hard disk drive, as well as the ability to transmit in real time over the internet. You can then add cameras if you need to. We can customise the package if you need to, and can cover multi-storey premises if needed.

We provide a 24-month warranty on parts and labour that covers both the equipment and the installation.

Speed and accuracy of installation

We can get you a quote today (on the phone or using our online form) and one of our consultants can get you booked in quickly for installation, keeping disruption to a minimum. With CCTV, we find that the need arises for installation to be more urgent, because there is an imminent or present threat to your business security. If that’s the case then get in touch today and we can do everything possible to accommodate your needs.

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