Home CCTV is the best nuisance and burglary deterrent

Feeling unsettled in the one place you should feel safe is a horrible experience. The feeling might come from nuisance callers, unpleasant neighbours or concerns about crime in the area. But you can take control of the situation – you don’t have to put up with this! We offer a fantastic quality CCTV system which can be fitted and installed easily and quickly. We make it easy for you to take back the power to feel comfortable and secure in your environment.

Stop it before it starts

A home CCTV system is a great defence, should anyone attempt to break in or prove a nuisance. In many cases, the criminal on seeing the CCTV system will turn around and walk away for fear of being caught on camera. You can stop a burglary from happening just by investing in the technology to film any unwanted visitors to your home. And if anything does happen, you have the evidence you need to provide to the police.

Protect your home without being there

Holidays, travelling with work, weekends away. All of them are an essential part of life for many of us, and we should be able to enjoy them without worrying about what’s happening at home. If you take the decision to install one of our excellent CCTV systems, you will be able to check online from your laptop or your phone that your property and every precious thing inside is safe and sound. All our Hikvision CCTV systems have the facility for remote viewing, meaning you can be there without being there.

You can add in additional cameras, and even upgrade the quality of the image if you require, so that you are completely satisfied that your home is protected.

We’re the Penrith and surrounding area experts

We know what works when it comes to CCTV, and we have the experience to select only the best, most reliable systems. The packages we can provide vary depending on how many cameras you need and what resolution you want – all are high-resolution quality images providing real-time data to your laptop or phone (iPhone or Android). And should you want to combine a CCTV with one of our home alarm systems, we can quote and install alongside your CCTV to ensure you have maximum security for your home.

Apply online for a custom quote and take back control of your security.

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