Why is CCTV worth the investment?

The latest CCTV technology provides high-definition, quality video that you can access straight from your phone or laptop wherever you are. You can choose how to configure the system to work for your unique home, and we can help you decide how many cameras you need. You can read all about the different technical specifications on our website, but here are a few tips for choosing whether a Home CCTV System is right for you.

Real-time video feed

We offer packages of 4 or 8 high-definition cameras, as well as the necessary hard drive and monitor that you’ll use to review the feed whilst in your home. You’ll also get the live feed as standard via a Live View setup on your iPhone or Android. All our cameras are vandal proof and our experienced and licenced fitters will provide all the assurance you need that your CCTV system is reliable, dependable and there when you need it.

So, you just need to take some time to think about your home and the entry points of which you have security concerns. We can offer extras like additional cameras, should you want to customise your system. You can also choose to add a home alarm system with your package, particularly recommended  if you’re moving house or building a new home.

Peace of mind, when at home or away

Most people choosing a CCTV system for their home are doing so because they want a tried-and-tested deterrent against those people that may be a threat to our security. It might be that you wish to protect from burglary, and countless studies have shown that CCTV is a well-recognised way of turning criminals away when they approach your house. You also might be concerned about behaviour of individuals in your neighbourhood, or have a special car or motorbike for which an alarm system just doesn’t provide peace of mind.  Whether you’re in the house or travelling for work, you can keep an eye on your property and make sure that you are satisfied all is secure – and take action if you see something of concern. With our hard drive system, you will also have stored images of any criminal behaviour to support any court proceedings should the worst happen.

Give yourself and your family the reassurance that comes with a home CCTV system – a permanent “eye-on-things” on which you can depend.

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